One thought on “NoLimits 2 is Here!

  1. Brilliant! A long time coming but no wonder. What an improvement. I have used NoLimits 1 on an iMac for several years with great pleasure. My interest is in designing rides where the location is as important as the ride itself, in this way I compensate in a small way for the lack of real life effects in a computer based simulation. Go to YouTube, search ‘blythelord’ and see what I mean. I think this is where NoLimits gains over straight sims as it can give a unique ride experience that works around total reality and uses computer generated features to their best advantage.

    I downloaded NL2 onto my Toshiba 17″ monster laptop which has 16 gigabytes of RAM 2Tb disc space, a quad core processor and Nvidia graphics, it works a treat, although I have to say the user interface is not as good as NL1 for the Mac and the button labels in the editor are a bit small.

    But the Shadows, Trees, textures, ageing choices (computer sims often look too clean and mechanical), interesting options like invisible track and walks, fab lighting effects, tunnels that properly cut into the landscape all good stuff I am getting to grips with. Only decision now is which version to buy, the Standard or the Professional…. Oh Heck! It’s got to be the professional, if only for the HD video capability and removal of watermark.

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