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New Update: Flat Ride Pack Released

The NoLimits 2 team is proud to announce a new update containing all new scripted rides. This update is free to all NoLimits 2 users. The update ( adds five professionally modeled and scripted rides to the observation tower released in the last update. Features:

– Professionally modeled with multiple LODs for high performance.
– Drop in and play! All rides are scripted with animation and sound effects ready to go. Just add to your park like any other pre-built scenery object.
– All rides can be ridden! Approach the ride and press E when prompted to board the ride.
– All rides have choice of onboard seats. Press C and V to switch between cars and seats.
– Many cool details implemented found on the real rides we chose for reference.

Marco, our new flat ride designer, did a great job in finding a good compromise between detail and performance. All models have low impact on framerates. He also created 3 new park set objects (bench, lamp, trashcan) that are included in this update. We also added new spine options and prefabs to the Rocket Coaster Style, which can be used to reassemble the modern type of Giga coasters. This was a long awaited feature from our fans. Last but not least this update comes with 2 new parks with 2 new coasters each, adding lots of new options to choose from.

NoLimits 2 Heading Now On Steam Greenlight!

We have launched a campaign for Greenlight on Steam! We want to grow our community and need your help to get the word out. We need your votes to help us achieve Greenlight status. Click here to vote for us to be added to Steam. 

Keep spreading the word about how much you love building and creating amazing rides in NoLimits 2! Share your creativity, post to YouTube, and show your friends. With your help we can grow our community and have everyone creating amazing rides in NoLimits 2!

Status update with video of editor

We are finishing up all the help files, demo parks, and other things right now. Lots of features mean there is a lot to document and take care of. Kevin meanwhile has created a casual preview video showing the editor in action.

Casual preview video showing editor in action

Here is an incomplete list of features you see in the video.

  • New logo and start screen
  • Speed indicator comb
  • Automatic roll feature (to reduce lateral forces)
  • Section borders are independent from track vertex data
  • Rotation tool
  • Depumping tool
  • Various terrain editing tools
  • New Timberliner coaster style (with permission from The Gravity Group, LLC)

NoLimits 2 Preview: Tech Demo Video

The NoLimits Development Team is proud to show a video of the NoLimits2 engine. As you can see, the NoLimits2 engine is fully capable of simulating complex fun fair rides. In order to prove that, we created the video below. It features a full blown complex flat ride at a fun fair scene.

Here is an incomplete list of effects you see in the video.
Tech Demo Video ‘Tango’

  • Flat ride scene object ‘Tango’
  • Olympia Looping track imported from NL1
  • External ride view for ‘Tango’ and camera flight
  • Invisible coaster track used for path as part of the camera flight
  • Various additional lights all over the place, some are casting shadows
  • Volumetric fog effect using Z-Feather sprites
  • Volumetric light effect
  • Halo effect
  • Special spot lights with projected textures
  • Complex scripting controlling lights, flat ride objects and effects
  • Animated light textures created with internal tool
  • Dynamic Day/Night cycle
  • Motion blur
  • Walk mode
  • Scripted music (.ogg files)
  • The first onride scenes were made using NL1

Hardly any post processing was used to make this video. Except for the video transitions and added text, everything comes directly from the engine. The motion blur effect is a non-realtime special effect part of the new improved AVI/MOV export. It is a professional feature to be used to simulate the shutter and exposure time of a real video camera. All the animations except for the coaster itself and the lights on the coaster loops and lift were made possible using the internal scripting language. Some special effects are a clever combination of special material settings, scripting and 3ds object triangles. Everything is user-land, that means users will be able to create similar rides, as long as they are familiar with scene object modelling (.3ds or .lwo) and have some advanced programming skills in an object oriented language. The engine’s scripting language is my own design, it is object oriented and combines a subset of features from Java and C#. The team hopes you enjoy the video. Hopefully the video will make your wait for the final product less annoying. We are about 95% done with it, the ToDo list gets smaller each day.