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NoLimits 2 on the Season Pass podcast

On April 27th, 2014, Tom and Kevin joined The Season Pass for a live Internet radio panel discussion. Our fans emailed and called in with questions that were answered live. But that wasn’t all! Doug and Robert from The Season Pass Podcast recorded a full podcast and it is now available for listening! Go here to find out more about NoLimits 2, hear the live podcast again, hear more questions answered, and more surprises! Enjoy:

Also listen to the previous interview with Tom in Season Pass Podcast episode 244. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions and thank you everyone for supporting NoLimits!

The New Starliner

NoLimits 2 is such an accurate simulation that professional rollercoaster companies use it to try out their coaster concepts. They can tweak and test their ride designs so the final product will be perfect before the first footer is poured! Great Coasters International, Inc. just used NL2 to design Starliner, the new wooden coaster for Miracle Strip, opening in 2015!